Dynamic Movement Frameworks develops products that assist with improving human movement. Our products are built to allow the movement professional to better accomplish the goal of helping people move better and return to their valued goals. We focus on products which are practical, unique, affordable, and effective. The products we have developed are based on needs that have not been fully met by current products on the market. As movement professionals, we recognize that not only will our products help our clients and patients move better but will also provide us more freedom and endless opportunities to utilize within our space.


What is the AUX

The AUX Dynamic Movement System (ADMS) is a system which allows for dynamic freedom of motion of a person while under an environment of reduced bodyweight for both the lower and upper body.

For movement rehabilitation professionals, this will give them a practical and affordable system to allow early movement, not only with common musculoskeletal conditions, including after orthopedic surgery, but also neurologic conditions such as stroke rehabilitation.

The unique design of the system works on an overhead tracking mechanism allowing for forward and backward movement with 360 degrees of freedom. Most bodyweight unloading systems on the market are extremely expensive and do not allow bodyweight support during dynamic tasks such as squatting, lunging, hopping, or jumping. In addition, the install of most existing systems is logistically impossible for many clinical spaces as well as prohibitively expensive.

In many cases, current products on the market require ceiling structural changes, which are also not possible for many providers. Our framework allows for numerous cost-effective installation options. We believe this product is more diverse in capacity, far more affordable, and able to provide functions not provided with most commercial systems.

Populations & Settings for Application

This system works exceptionally well for many different rehabilitative clinical settings that see patients for an expansive number of diagnoses including but not limited to general orthopedic concerns, post-operative rehabilitation, neurological conditions (Post-Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Vestibular disorders, etc.), developmental disorders, return to sport, balance dysfunctions, and general deconditioning. Allow the AUX to be your one stop shop for helping patients improve daily tasks quickly progressing or regressing them based on their functional status. With different harness sizes and its versatile design, it can be used for treating people of all ages whether you are rehabilitating a young athlete for return to sport or helping an elderly client reduce their risk for falls.

The flexibility of this system can also be used throughout many fitness centers, advanced strength and conditioning facilities, and personal training studios as clients can progress towards more dynamic, body-weight type activities and accomplish functional movement patterns they aren’t quite capable of performing yet. Similarly, this system can allow for an easy transition towards explosive plyometric training preparing clients for powerful movements incorporated in many exercise and rehabilitation regimens.

Facilities that would benefit from the AUX

  • Private Practice Physical Therapy Centers
  • Hospital Based Rehab Services
  • Nursing and Sub-Acute Rehab Facilities
  • Outpatient Neurological Facilities
  • School Based Rehab Services
  • Outpatient Rehab Facilities
  • Public/Private Education Sectors and Universities
  • Fitness Centers
  • Personal Training Studios
  • And More!!!

The Most Comprehensive System Available on the Market

What Makes the AUX Unique

The AUX has been uniquely designed to assist movement professionals with all their rehabilitation needs. Its dynamic nature is the first piece of equipment that offers patients/clients the opportunity to perform rapid changes of direction with 360 degrees of freedom. The different attachment points can quickly transition your patient/client from an unloaded activity towards a loaded resistance activity depending on the goals you would like to accomplish.

The opportunities are limited by the creativity of the user. With different harness sizes available you have the option to help kids with developmental disorders learning how to walk all the way to performing balance training in your geriatric population. Support individuals who have sustained traumatic injuries trying to return back to life or work and level up your athletes helping them perform explosive, resisted plyometrics in the safest manner possible.

Also, many movement professionals can provide their very own unloading treadmill training. Most of the current devices that offer treadmill unloading including the Alter G and underwater treadmills can be costly and have limited functionality. By placing your very own treadmill inside the AUX unloading system, you can unload your clients/patients 0-100% as well as have them perform more than just running. Do backwards walking, sidestepping, and more as your patients/clients have 360-degrees of dynamic freedom to move around in!

The Most Comprehensive Rehabilitation System on the Market!

The biggest benefit of the AUX is that it can be more than just your typical unloading system. Many robotics and other unloading systems have limited functionality as that is the only use they have. The AUX, however, doesn’t only serve as an unloading device, but can also replace nearly every piece of exercise equipment you have in your facility.

The main intent for the design of the AUX was to provide rehabilitation and fitness centers with an all-in-one piece of equipment that is affordable, multifunctional, and economically viable. It’s space saving features allow for multiple extensions to be added on to the AUX including but not limited to:

  • Parallel Bars
  • Squat Racks
  • Punching Bags
  • Pull Up bars
  • Battle Ropes
  • Cable Pulldowns
  • Bench Presses
  • Total Body Resistance Devices
  • Plyometric Platforms

Built to Fit Your Space

The AUX can be built as a 14’ unit to accommodate smaller spaces or a 20’ unit to allow for additional space to fit additional extensions. By including the basics such as parallel bars, multiple pull up bars, and space for squat racks already makes this investment cost savvy.

  • No Complex Wiring
  • No Significant Structural Modifications
  • Easy Assembly
  • Less Worry
  • More Freedom
  • Patient And Therapist Safe
  • Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Improved Overall Satisfaction

Patented Unloading Technology:
Patent No – US 11,020,306 B2

What More Could You Need?

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