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The AUX Dynamic Movement System, better known as the AUX, is designed to help people start moving so they can reach their goals. With the AUX, you have dynamic freedom of motion while experiencing reduced body weight for both the lower and upper body.

Make Your Move with the AUX

A Revolutionary Body Weight Support System

The AUX is a dynamic body weight support system that has been uniquely designed to assist with rehabilitation. Its dynamic nature makes it the first piece of equipment that offers both patients and clients the opportunity to perform rapid changes of direction with 360 degrees of freedom. The opportunities for supported, dynamic exercises are endless.

How It Works

Overhead Track System

Overhead Track System

The unique design of the AUX works on an overhead tracking mechanism that allows for forward and backward movement with 360 degrees of freedom.

Most body weight support systems on the market cannot offer support during dynamic movement tasks, such as squatting, lunging, hopping, or jumping. Those that do often rely on ceiling installation systems that are logistically impossible for many clinical spaces—not to mention prohibitively expensive.

With the AUX, you get the benefit of an overhead track system without any structural changes to your ceiling. The AUX’s diverse yet affordable approach to rehabilitation provides functions and features not provided with most commercial systems.

Our patented unloading technology boasts space-saving features that are perfect for small clinics. The AUX comes in two versions depending on your space requirements:

  • AUX Version 1: 14’ long x 6’ wide x 9’ high
  • AUX Version 2: 20’ long x 6’ wide x 9’ high

Each version supports more than 100 extensions and has a 400-pound weight capacity. With its 360 degrees of dynamic freedom and multiple bands to optimize loading capacity, the basic frame of the AUX is designed as the most versatile body weight support system on the market.

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basic frame body weight system
Physical Therapy Harnesses body weight system

Physical Therapy Harnesses

With multiple sizes and extra padding, our physical therapy harnesses are designed to fit many different body types and builds. From pediatric to larger individuals, our harnesses are built with adequate support and comfort in mind. 

Our physical therapy harness includes:

  • 1 chest piece
  • 1 belt piece
  • 2 thigh pieces
  • 2 ankle pieces

Other ceiling harness systems or treadmill harnesses rely on complex components to put on and take off, which can waste valuable time. The AUX’s harness can be easily adjusted and comes with additional pieces to increase unloading or provide resistance, depending on your goals.

Interested in extra gait equipment and other expansions to improve your rehabilitation efforts? AUX will soon be offering parallel bars, squat racks, punching bags, pull-up bars, battle ropes, cable pulldowns, bench presses, total body resistance devices, and plyometric platforms—watch this space for more information.

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Available Expansion & Equipment in AUX Movement System
Available Expansion & Equipment in AUX Movement System

A Body Weight Support System for Every Application

Why Choose the AUX for Your Facility?

The AUX is the most comprehensive dynamic body weight support system on the market. Benefits of choosing the AUX include:

  • Easy assembly: The AUX can be easily assembled upon delivery. It doesn’t require any complex wiring or significant structural modifications. Gain the benefits of a ceiling track system without actually installing anything into your ceiling.

  • Multifunctionality: Most unloading systems are limited to a single designed purpose. The AUX, on the other hand, can replace nearly every piece of exercise equipment you have in your facility. Its multifunctional design allows you to work on multiple different body parts for a variety of reasons, from rehabilitation to physical therapy to athletic exercises.

  • Space-saving design: The AUX can be built as a 14’ unit for smaller spaces or as a 20’ unit if more space is available.

  • Affordable price: Compared to other body weight support systems on the market, the AUX offers the most versatility for the best price.

  • Patented unloading technology: You can rely on our patented frame to reduce weight to the upper and lower body, allowing for easier movement.
  • 360 degrees of freedom: Too many body weight support systems reduce weight at the expense of your range of motion. With the AUX, you can stay supported and still enjoy 360 degrees of dynamic movement.

  • Reliable patient and therapist safety: The AUX has been designed and tested to be fall-proof, allowing therapists and their patients to exercise with confidence.

  • Simple add-ons: Fewer complicated components means more time spent moving and exercises and less time fiddling with buckles and clips.

  • Improved patient outcomes: Patients who try the AUX love the support they feel and the freedom they experience, allowing them to move and improve faster.

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Start Moving with the AUX Today

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